#1 Best Selling VQA Chardonnay

750 ml bottle Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 120 bottles

Wine Profile

The Barrel Aged Chardonnay follows the guiding philosophy: oak should be to wine as seasoning is to food—enough to add interest and complexity but not so much that it overwhelms.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of vanilla, peach, pear, and toasty oak with a smooth, rich texture and a long, refreshing citrus finish.

Winemaker Notes

The winemaking team works with a combination of new, one and two-year old barrels from oak grown in France, the United States and Canada. Some of the wine is fermented then aged in barrels; some is fermented in stainless steel then transferred to barrel for aging. The diversity adds complexity, flavour notes and balance.

Food Pairing Notes

A lovely versatile wine, this lighter Chardonnay goes well with white meats (try with Chicken Fried Rice) and creamy dishes (a simple Mac 'n Cheese).