Winner of Canada's Best Rye Whisky!

750ml bottle Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 50 cases

Overview Our inaugural whisky was developed with one word in mind, approachable. The result is an award-winning triumph, blending new oak, sherry and bourbon barrel-aged wheat, corn and rye together in perfect harmony. Unapologetically Canadian, it’s a whisky to be enjoyed your way, so incredibly smooth with just the right sweetness you'll be confident serving it neat, on the rocks and in your favourite cocktails. Awards Winner: 2022 International Whisky Competition Best Canadian Whisky 2nd Place: Dunrobin Canadian Rye Whisky – 91.1 Pts Best Canadian Rye Whisky 2nd Place: Dunrobin Canadian Rye Whisky – 91.1 Pts Winner: 2021 Micro Liquor Spirits Awards Bronze Medal - Blended Whisky, Gold Medal - Package Design Tasting notes • Our clear, pale amber Canadian Whisky is a blend of wheat, corn, and rye. • Our nose detects clean and light aromas of butterscotch, caramel, burnt sugar and an undercurrent of cereal. • Our palate is dry to slightly off-dry with light intensity; smoothly serving up lightly textured wheat, a bit of butterscotch and a touch of vanilla, while also providing glimpses of spice and small splashes of rye. • Our finish is measured and medium with some complexity.