Why the canoe?

The canoe is a Canadian icon that represents our connection to nature, reverence for history, and a tool for exploration and discovery. Indigenous nations across the land we now call Canada built canoes adapted to the diverse environments of the coasts, prairie rivers, and boreal watersheds. The canoe was essential to each nation’s way of life as they traversed their lands and waterways in search of resources, people, and trade. When the first European traders explored the land in the 17th century, they used canoes to transport fish, beaver, and other commodities along rivers, and then exported them overseas to markets in Europe.

In 1986, our founder, Bill Coleman Sr., opened a trade consulting company named Coleman Associates (Consulting) Limited (CACL), to encourage and facilitate trade between Canada and Asia. For more than 30 years, CACL has helped Canadian companies explore and succeed in Asia.

Today, Canoe Trading Company is honouring the tradition of the canoe by adapting traditional international trading practices to navigate the diverse and competitive environments of global trade. We believe good Canadian people and products should be shared with the world and are excited to chart the waters of online global trade to expand truly Canadian brands into new and high-growth markets.

Hop in the canoe and paddle along with us!

A good Canadian story.

At Canoe Trading Company, we are proud of the world-class food and drinks from Canada. Our beautiful Canadian lands and waters provide the ideal environment to grow and produce natural goodness that deserves to be shared with the world.

In no other country can you find the bounty and breadth of environmentally sustainable seafood and agricultural products available in Canada. Our clean, cold waters have delicious lobster, scallops, salmon and crab. Our natural prairies provide oats and grains perfect for healthy snacks and to feed cows and pigs, giving them wonderful meat. Our cold, crisp climate gives us unique growing regions to produce natural Icewine, maple syrup, a host of berries, cherries and apples.

Over 97% of Canadian companies are small businesses, mostly family owned, who produce delicious, high-quality products.

Our Values.

By starting with naturally pure Canadian goodness, Canoe Trading employees not only focus on what we share with the world, but how we share it.

  • We believe that goodness comes by being honest, open, friendly when exploring trading opportunities.

  • We believe that “a rising tide raises all boats” – the work we do to promote our brands in growing international markets will grow business for our members AND other Canadian brands.

  • We understand that the international market is very competitive, but our members will only succeed by collaborating with partners already in market to grow our brands.

  • We use technology to enable international trade processes while supporting our members and customers online and in person.

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